Chris Streger - Do the work

I could of had a couple of different resolutions this year. Who knows, I still might add a couple more when it's all said and done. But for this year, I feel like this one can cover a lot of ground.

Do the work

I heard this on Mad Men when Freddie was talking to a hungover Don. This little talk happened after Don went from giving the orders, to taking them.

It's hard to be humbled. It's hard in life and especially hard in design. Most the time you just have to put your head down and do the work. If I can learn to enjoy the process and stop worrying about the outcome, I feel like 2015 could be a great year.

Desktop version here.

Emory Allen – Have fun already

The whimsical character and custom lettering powerhouse out of Minnesota is making you smile for 2015. His resolution this is is simple "have fun already" and with six faces smiling back at you, how can you not have fun? iPhone5 size here.

Thanks for the :) Emory!

Robert Almedia – Action over Words

Here are the words that will represent actions that are shown by words.

"I feel Action Over Words is a strong statement and it's helped motivate me when I've been hesitant. Actions speak louder, so take action and stop talking."

Time to stop typing and time to get a going. Thanks for the great work and being the first to submit, Robert!

Ollie Hoff – Just Relax

This is what Ollie Hoff has in store for 2015.

“This year my nerves have got the best of me, although I’m now fighting back 2015 will be the year I finally defeat this thing. I need to remember to just relax”

Thanks for all the hard work, now it's just time to chillllllll.....

I know, this project is getting old. Maybe too old. or maybe there are just too many new iPhones to keep up with. in Any case, let's get after this again. You know the deal. If not, read the about section and download the template.

Let's do this!


Chris Streger - Say Goodbye

Before you go any further, CLICK HERE for the full multimedia presentation.

I moved to New York 4 years ago chasing my (now wife) then girlfriend Amy. To Resolve started in New York with Amy and myself. I thought what better way to end To Resolve this year with this one last post. I am breaking up with New York and moving out west to Portland, Oregon. home. I am absolutely excited, yet nervous to be doing this.

I have never been sad to leave a city, but it's time. It's not you New York, it's me.

Till next year everyone.


Jon Contino - Too Tough to Die

If you don't know who Jon Contino is, then you can go to any "graphic tee" company and see a knock-off of his illustration work. Or to see the Original, just go here.

But Jon is too tough to let blatant plagiarism get him down. Nope, is 2014 his is going to sore like an eagle and kill them all with either a spider web or trident.

Best of luck with that, Jon.

Stephen Bramwell - Print More

"Last year, I wanted to draw every day. I did okay and filled an entire sketchbook. For 2014 I want to get my hands dirty. I've got the sketches, now I need to make something with them."

Thanks for this illustration Stephen!

Wattle & Daub - Make Something Everyday

"As part of my resolution I resolve to make something everyday. This especially includes things that I don’t do on a daily basis in order to keep my ideas and creative thinking fresh and original."

Thanks for getting chalk everyone for 2014!

Will Bryant - Draw More than Scrolling

We all find ourselves scrolling, and scrolling and scrolling looking for something while we could be creating. Great reminder Will. Oh, and if you have checked out Will's blog yet it's a must!

Jim DiGiovanni - Road Trip!

"2014 is the year of the road trip. Definitely want to make a point to head down the highway looking for adventure this year."

Looking like Up North Co. will be traveling in style down South this year Jim. Thanks for the great illustration.

Marika Tamiazzo - Keep It Simple

"My resolution for this year is to "keep it simple", many times me and people in general tend to over-think, over-do, over-react, and so on. I want to be able to give up all this fuss and go straight to the point, being truly myself."

Thanks Marika for the reminder!

Cotton Bureau - Make Real Stuff

"Most of us only make things with pixels. Resolve in 2014 to make something real: a poster, a book...or a t-shirt. Part of the reason we started Cotton Bureau—and before it, United Pixelworkers—was to actually make something we could touch."

I reached out to Jay Fanelli and the boys from Cotton Bureau about submitting a resolution. I thought it was such a great way to take something digital, and make real stuff with it. Cameron worked his resolution into a shirt and it's going fast.

Send your stuff their way and let's get real people.

Dustin Kemper - Be A Leader

Dustin looks to turn from a sheep to a wolf this year.

"Time to stop following the herd, get out in front and be a leader."

Good luck shedding your wool, Dustin.

Julia Cagninelli - More Adventure

"Get out in the world, surround yourself with nature and never lose your enthusiasm for discovery...more adventures in 2014!"

And with Icons like that, how do you want to stay inside. Thanks for working on this Julia, now go outside.

Josh LaFayette - Wake Up and Fight

I hope this means you wake up and put on your brass knuckles every morning Josh. Perfect resolution for a Monday.

Thanks for getting this one in.

Inka Mathew - Make Time

"This year I would like push myself more to make time to do my side projects. I realize they get me excited again about design and push me to be better. It's tough to find the time between taking care of client projects and family (and sleep), but I know I just have to do it! To start, I did this submission!"

Okay, Inka may just be pandering to the audience with this submission, but it's TOTALLY working. Thanks for taking the time and the great work!

Alex Griendling - Work Less. Play More.

"While it may not be a popular sentiment in our workaholic culture, I'll just say it; I need to work less. Much of my time is spent on personal projects and, while I enjoy creating things for myself, sometimes things spiral out of control. So, whether "Play" is video games, movies, reading, drinks with friends, or hiking, I plan to do more of it in 2014."

Thanks Alex for the great reminder.

John Kane - Vote With Your Dollars

"Money makes the world go 'round. And this year I'm going to make sure as much of what I spend as possible ends up in the right hands."

Dollar, Dollar bills yall!

Todd Vanneste - Don't Look Back

"This is something that is all about not looking back into on things that may not have gone the way you had planned. Don’t look back at your demons"

This reminds me of a quote from a wise philosopher.

"You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened... or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.”

― Tupac Shakur

Ollie Hoff - Read More

"I’ve collected some great books and magazines over the years and 2014 is going to be the year when I finally start taking breaks from sitting in front of the computer and actually get through them."

Good luck getting through these stacks on stacks on stacks Ollie.

Eliza Cerdeiros - Go Run

"Every year I tell this to myself. And every year, I can't get my shit together! Here's to more running in 2014...maybe."

Good luck with the miles in 2014, Eliza.

Brandt Imhoff - Embrace My Style

"2013 was a year of exploration and learning. 2014 will be a year of embracing my natural style."

Thanks for the style, Brandt.

Mark Raney - Get Out!

"Now that the kids are 9, 7 and 3 it's time to hit the road and explore more than just Minnesota. This summer we'll start off going west to Colorado and then who knows from there!"

Time to start packing and get out there! Enjoy Mile High.

Chris Silverman - Wake Up And Fight

Keep on fighting the good fight Chris!

Todd Wendorff - Time to Travel

Have passport in hand and start getting out there Todd!

Chris Stetson - Be A Good Father

"This year has a lot in store for me. In November my wife and I had our first baby. A boy we named Chadwick Taylor Stetson. I have quit my day job and am pursuing creative projects full time. So my resolution is to be a good father to him. In the couple of months that he has been in our lives I have already experienced how easy it is to feel the need to provide for him and delve deep into work, and at the same time want to keep putting work off and just sit and be with him. I will be striving to find that balance between home and work."

Rocky Santaferraro - Show Don't Tell

"This year I'm resolving to show not tell. It's an old writing rule, but this year it applies to a lot of things. I want my work to do the talking rather than falling back on design bs. I want to show love in deed rather than just empty words. I want to take people on trips with me (like the sunrise hike in the picture) rather than just bringing back stories."

Thanks for the submission this year Rocky!

Ricky Linn - Play Til You Bleed

Here is Ricky's submission this year. He didn't write anything because he didn't need to. Once again another illustrative masterpiece.

Thanks for the submission Slash Err, I mean Ricky!

Bob Ewing - Enjoy The Little Things

"Remember to enjoy the little things in life this new year, these will be the things you will miss most when they are gone. Unplug and enjoy the people around you. This is my motto for 2014. Hopefully by having it as my iTelephone wallpaper, it will be a reminder every time I pick up my phone."

So nice that he did it twice! Thanks for the two submissions Bob and good luck with the little things.
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